The earliest documentation in possession of the USFA, pertaining to our geographic boundaries, dates back to 1959.  Below is a scanned image of the actual index card held in Colorado.  Back then, our Division did not include any territory south of the Tampa peninsula, but did cover land as far north as St. Augustine.


In 1984, the three current Florida divisions were adjusted and better defined as the result of some type of disagreement between them and the Florida Sports Foundation (Sunshine State Games).  To view a copy of the official agreement, click here.  Our southern border was extended to Ft. Myers, while the norther limit was brought down to Palm Coast.

Finally, in 1989, an actual map was submitted to the USFA.  This map matches the description from 1984 and is current.


These images are stored in the history archive of Central Florida’s web domain, while the originals are held by the USFA.

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